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Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

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1 in 3 women in the U.S. are having cesarean section deliveries. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that we should not exceed a 10-15% cesarean rate. Today, we are at a 33% rate here in the U.S.

"Increasing VBAC access is a part of a science-based, 10-year national objective for improving the health of all Americans. It's part of the Healthy People 2020 goals. They want to increase the American VBAC rate to 18.3% by 2020. Currently it's 11.3%." Resource: VBACfacts.com

I supports a woman's right to choose a VBAC and offer midwifery and monitrice support to women who have had a cesarean. I have completed ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) Chapter Leader training and will be offering meetings for our community members to gather and support one another. If you had a planned cesarean birth or an unplanned cesarean birth, everyone is welcome to the ICAN of the Twin Ports meetings. Stay tuned for our first meeting of 2018!