Serena’s manner was quieting and calming throughout the session. I felt cared about and my body respected and most importantly, she was able to release the muscular tension that had built up in my pelvic region. Besides the physical relief, being given additional information as to better self-care postpartum and how to help my body maintain itself better was so empowering. I highly recommend Serena for her sensitive caring and knowledge!
— Nadia, Mama of 2
Serena was an incredibly calming and comforting presence at my birth. Her care throughout my pregnancy was informative, caring and helpful while supporting my partner and I in full autonomy in every decision! When I had to make some difficult decisions after almost 30 hours of labor, Serena was so helpful in supplying information and supporting us as we made a successful transfer to the hospital. She was there through my c-section, in recovery and brought me a smoothie the next morning! Her support continued throughout the postpartum as I made a recovery from surgery and other complications and I consider her an incredibly important part of my daughter’s birth story.
— Michaela, Mama to Aurelia
I contacted Serena in desperation after my midwife told me everything had dropped after having my 5th child. I was feeling symptomatic and not sure what to do. Serena was so sweet and reassuring and even though she didn’t know me, offered to drive an hour and a half away to meet with me.

Serena has a calming presence and right away put me at ease. She spent hours with me and the work she does helped the prolapse. I felt like I had more pelvic floor strength immediately and within 2 days wasn’t feeling the constant pressure and bulge. Two weeks later when I went to my OB, he said the cystocele was minor and they are finding prolapses have to do with fascia and not muscle strength. I was intrigued because that is the exact work Serena had done on me. I look forward to my next appointment with her and seeing how much more we can accomplish.
— Hannah, Mama of 5
Serena’s presence at my home birth was profoundly comforting and grounding. Her no judgement demeanor helped me stay connected to my center. Because of her knowledge and in-depth experience with birth she was able to anticipate what was coming next and gently prepare herself and me. Serena is a gift to any mother, baby and family.
— Leah, Mama to Iris
I had two sessions of holistic pelvic care with Earth Roots Midwifery. I was amazed at how comfortable I was made to feel, how much the sessions helped me and how much helpful information was shared. I recommend this experience to everyone! You would be amazed at how much it will help!
— Cori, Mama of 3