Monitrice Support Package

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Complementary consultation!

As a trained midwife, I have the experience and skills to support you as you labor at home before transitioning to the hospital to have your baby.

As your monitrice, I can offer you the same love and support as a doula, but with the added benefits of being able to assess fetal heart tones, perform cervical checks, and check blood pressure when you are in labor. This information can help you with making a decision as to when to move to the hospital for your birth, at which point, I will accompany you and act as your doula. Women who are planning on having a vaginal birth after a cesarean (VBAC), can greatly benefit from having a monitrice's support at home until they are in active labor and ready to transition to the hospital for their delivery. ***It is important that your Primary Care Provider (PCP) knows about your desire to hire me as your monitrice, and supports your decision in doing so. It is important that your PCP and I meet during your prenatal care to establish a relationship. If your PCP is not comfortable with you hiring me as your monitrice, I regretfully say, I can not offer this service to you.*** 

In order to offer nurturing and individualized care, I only take 2-3 clients each month.

Package Includes:

  • 2 one hour visits prenatally to discuss your pregnancy and birth plan, and to address any questions that come up for you;
  • Being available via phone, text and email for non-emergent matters during office hours Tuesday through Friday 10-6 pm, and urgent matters 24/7;
  • 24 hour on-call support starting at 37 weeks until the birth of your baby;
  • Labor support in your home
    • monitoring your vital signs including: temperature, pulse, blood pressure, assessing labor pattern, cervical dilation, and baby’s heartbeat for normal reactivity and heart rate patterns;
  • Back-up support should I be at another birth (this will most likely be a doula who will not act as your monitrice, but as your doula);
  • Once labor is well on its way, I will assist you in transitioning to your chosen birthplace; and
  • After the delivery of your baby, I will also provide
    • postpartum support and breastfeeding assistance for up to 2 hours after your delivery; and
    • 2 one hour postpartum visits to be determined based on your needs and desires. These visits often include breastfeeding support, emotional support and encouragement, and reviewing your labor and birth if you desire.

Benefits of Monitrice Care:

  • The same level of emotional and physical support as a doula, with the added benefits of
    • being able to stay at home longer to decrease your chances of unnecessary medical interventions;
    • being able to have you and your baby's vitals monitored at home while in labor; and
  • This level of support and care is a great option for first time mothers, VBAC mothers, and any low-risk woman choosing to have a low-intervention hospital birth.

As your monitrice, I am *not* your midwife, and I will *not* assist you in delivering your baby at home.

Monitrice Support Package $1,600

 Photo Credit: Three Irish Girls Photography

Photo Credit: Three Irish Girls Photography